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Posted on 06/20/2022
How To Secure, Process & Reclaim Wood For Rustic Interior Designs
Crafty homeowners may enjoy a rare opportunity to transform seemingly old and useless lumber into inspiring rustic interior designs. In recent years, the trend to repurpose home furnishings and products spilled into the construction materials realm. With the aid of a few basic tools and a DIY attitude, you can reclaim wood and enhance the quality of their...
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Posted on 06/13/2022
Crash Course: The Ins and Outs of Home Building Contracts
When you decide to have a new home built, you’ll need to find a builder and sign a contract with them. Since home construction is a complex process, it’s important to make sure you understand your home building contract before signing it. What should you expect to see on one of these contracts? You should make sure your...
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Posted on 06/06/2022
Understanding tax rolls in real estate
A tax roll, sometimes called an assessment roll, is a record of all the properties subject to taxes in a given area. These lists include detailed information about properties and associated taxes, including land and vehicles in some states. To better understand the relationship between tax rolls and real estate, here's the basic info to know: What information...
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Posted on 05/30/2022
No Pots, No Problem: 3 Ways to Make Your Own Planters From Everyday Items
For plant lovers, there never seem to be enough pots and planters to go around. There are countless options available to buy, but buying a new one every time you need it becomes costly and inconvenient. The good news is that there are plenty of items you might already have around the house you can use for your...
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Posted on 05/24/2022
Another Property Sold - 411 School Street, Putnam, CT 06260
Investors take notice! New Property on the market in beautiful downtown Putnam! Exterior Just Painted, New Rock Wall installed and landscaping updated. Three units all pay electric and gas. Newer flooring and roof is ONLY 3 years old and gas furnace is ONLY 6 years old!. Close to town and amenities. All you need to do is collect rent! First and second floor same layout. Photos updated. No first floor photos yet....
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Posted on 05/23/2022
What Are Home Inspection Contingencies?
In real estate, a contingency is any clause in the purchase offer that gives the buyer a way to back out if certain requirements aren’t met. There are many types of contingencies used in home sales all covering different circumstances to protect the buyer’s best interest. The most common type of contingency is a home inspection contingency, which...
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Posted on 05/16/2022
Deciding What Type of Short-Term Storage Is Best for Your Move
Short-term storage solutions are perfect for many situations, including remodeling, staging a home or moving to a new one. Sometimes, when moving to a new home, you may not have room for all of your belongings. You can make this common scenario much simpler with a third-party storage service. However, there are two main types of short-term storage:...
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Posted on 05/09/2022
Home Entertainment: How Smart Home Tech Can Increase Your Resale Value
Smart home entertainment integrates home technologies with your favorite big entertainment features. It’s also a practical next step with the rise of smart, integrative technology. But what can it do for your resale value? Should you take it with you, instead? Is it worth the cost? Here are a couple things to consider when integrating a smart home...
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Posted on 05/02/2022
DIY Wall Art On a Budget
Decorative wall art doesn’t need to cost a fortune. It also doesn’t require any formal artistic training. There are several simple ways you can create beautiful wall art inexpensively and easily using basic materials you buy at the craft store. Here are some of the best ideas for making your own decorative wall art: Paint With Masking Tape...
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Posted on 04/25/2022
Property tax exemption & more: Tax tips for veterans with disabilities
Home ownership comes with plenty of expenses beyond a mortgage. If you're a veteran with disabilities, you may be able to avoid some common costs of owning a home, including paying property taxes. Here is a guide to some of the ways veterans with disabilities can save on their home ownership tax expenses: Property tax exemption Property taxes...
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Posted on 04/18/2022
VA loans: Special benefits for veterans with disabilities
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers many financial benefits for veterans wanting to purchase a home. There are even more specific benefits for veterans with qualifying disabilities. These options are important to know if you are interested in financing help to buy your dream home. Here is the most important information to know: Special housing grants A...
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Posted on 04/14/2022
181 School Street, Putnam, CT 06260 is now new to the market!
Open Lot of Land available For Sale on School Street, Putnam. Zoned R-7, 12,632+- SF (0.29 Acre) with 103' road frontage on School St (A/K/A State Road Routes 12 & Route 44 - run together for a distance) toward downtown Putnam. Lot also has 99' of road frontage on Centennial St (a Municipal back street in rear of lot). Site is immediately available >> explore the possibilities >> new construction multi-family structures? > perhaps attached townhouse units with garages under? Electric, Municipal water & sewer and Natural Gas available from Centennial...
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